Time To Go for Virtual Events

What is a Virtual Expo?

A Virtual Expo is an online branded event that mimics a physical benefits fair in structure. Employers invited benefits providers to setup a virtual booth on their platform and upload relevant educational material like brochures, videos and presentations. Moreover, with interactive tools like chat rooms and webinars, companies can connect their employees with relevant representatives in real-time and have their queries answered instantly.

Virtual Expo offer tremendous value for companies. Here are 7 reasons why companies are preferring them over physical events:

1) Global Participation

Companies often have employees spread across various geographies and conducting physical fairs for each one of those markets is quite impractical. With Virtual Benefits Fairs, however, the online nature of the event enables companies to bring all their employees in one virtual space for their benefits learning.

2) Cost Savings

Physical events are prohibitively expensive. Venue rentals, travel logistics and printing costs alone can prove to be an alarming expense, especially when such events are repeated across the year.

A virtual setup, on the other hand, guarantees major cost savings. By allowing attendees to meet in a virtual space to learn about benefits, employers can eliminate typical costs associated with onsite events and also avoid the hassle and effort of arranging them.

3) Delightful User Experience

Online Benefits Fairs deliver a better end user experience for employees as well. Instead of sitting in long, boring training sessions, attendees are given the freedom to take control of the learning process. Virtual Benefits Fairs offer “on-demand” education where employees can choose which virtual booths to visit, what content to review and what webinars they would like to attend.

4) Convenience

Since the event is online, employees can log in through any device from the comfort of their office or home without having to commute to a physical destination. Moreover, they can still interface with representatives at these providers through chat tools and webinars making the process much more convenient.

5) Measurable Results

The value of physical training sessions and clinics is often quite difficult to quantify. Organizers are so focused on coordinating the logistics of the event that measuring how much value was delivered to audiences and how the training material was perceived is often forgotten. Feedback is limited to perhaps a post-event survey which seldom offer actionable insights.

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