What is Future of Expo? Virtual Expo

What is Virtuallexpo

VirtuallExpo offers all the benefits of a regular expo like communicating one on one with customers and displaying products at just a fraction of the price of a physical expo. In short, get to visit all the expo both offshore and onshore expo in just few minutes. Virtuall expo is going to be the future of expo & exhibition industry .

In one line, Virtuallexpo is a platform which connects Exhibitor & Visitors virtually

Do we really need Virtuallexpo ?

With the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19 and most people wanting to maintain social distancing, the events industry has faced a huge loss along with exhibitions and expos being held all around the world. Even after the lockdown gets lifted, people would participate less in visiting crowded places which will make them prone to coming in contact with hundreds of people hence, increasing the risk of infection. A great solution to this is Virtuallexpo the customers and brands alike as customers would not have to venture out of their houses to view products. They can interact with the desired brands the way it happens in a real expo. As per the brands they will be bestowed upon with a business opportunity that would help them connect with their customers without having to meet them physically amid the ongoing pandemic.

Let’s assume everything comes back to very normal as it was before, still it’s going to be a new effective channel for expo organisation, brand manager to generate fresh leads at just 5 % expense of physical world expo.


Brandland Advertising pvt ltd , a 4 year old integrated marketing solution provider predominately into BTL marketing & expo business . Brandland Advertising ‘ – probably only one agency in India which works at grassroots level starting a budget even $100 , we work for every client , every shape & size of clients. We have served more than 120 clients in 4 year, we are also pioneers in a concept called “BRAND EXPO ” – basically a strategy of co-promotion at one targeted location to one particular group of target customers at 40 % budget of single brand promotion. After serving 130 clients, 65 expo , 4 property expo , 20 brand launch , 1000 plus Brand activation & 2 marathon we know the nerves of expo industry , we understood real issue of expo industry , we started working towards solution for same as a result virtuallexpo our sub brand launched during lockdown time .Our idea of creating virtuallexpo perfectly fits to current scenario .

Problem & Solution


Accessibility – Mostly expo visitors are from same city

Cost – Conducting a physical Expo involved high cost of venue

Unwanted Expense – Printing & Stall fabrication which is 10 % of any exhibition get disposed post event

unavoidable Situation -Natural calamity, Pandemic situation like current Covid-19 , Strikes etc cannot be predictable 

Cost of Promotion – 20 to 30 % cost goes in aggressive promotion of expo

Fake Leads – 15 to 20 % of leads generated on expo are not genuine


Accessibility – Global Reach without travelling physically to any expo venue

Cost – Virtual Expo can be conducted at just 10 % cost of the physical Expo .

Save unwanted expense – Literally no printing & stall fabrication for virtual expo, we take 3 D Graphic representation of stall

Risk Free – Virtual expo is not going to get affected by any external Factors.

Cost of Promotion -is lesser than compared to other expo

Genuine Leads – 99 % Genuine leads can be generated through virtual expo as leads will be filtered out by our CRM team before submitting to Brands,

What is so unique about it?

Check Out Global exhibitions & Top Brands at the comfort of your home.

Chat – Negotiate & make a deal instantly with guaranteed best price

User friendly, Professional assistant, Chat Support & Direct Brand Interaction

Brand managers need not spend 2-3 days in expo venue to generate few leads

Best price guaranteed to the end user as we save a lot of cost for Brands.

Who is the founder ?

Mr. Karttik Sahoo is a laborer’s son , he has seen the struggle all through life still he never took a step back when it comes to a new challenge,1st generation in his family to complete MBA degree as well as starting a business. His father used to earn just Rs 2300 a month working hard in the jute mill of Kolkata  .Dreaming to be an entrepreneur is the most daring thing Mr. Kartik would have done.

Getting 2 course of meal everyday was a tough task for my family, dreaming for education & having your own start up is absolutely a day dreaming but he never stopped dreaming. he did every odd job to support my education, worked in factory part time to pay my exam fees, worked for 5 yr. to learn basic sales & marketing. It was an awesome moment when he bagged my 1st project worth $10000 & he made it so worth the client became ours forever. We also got awarded as ” best innovative activation company ” by THE CEO magazine

Expo & exhibition market is estimated as more than 360 million dollar growing in a rate of 25 % , industry is huge to accommodate many new innovation & players But current situation demands a new technology like http://www.virtuallexpo.com to conduct automobile expo , property expo , brand launch ,health expo & education expo virtually & virtual need to work along with Physical world by complimenting not competing .http://www.virtuallexpo.com is a new channel to generate new leads , connect to global customer at a price of just 5 % of physical expo.There is definitely a lot more scope , the expo industry need to welcome every such new idea which will be blessing to the community.

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